David Viehman understands that real estate is about relationships – the ties forged between people and place. He has devoted his life to sharing the valley he loves so dearly with people keen to plant roots in Jackson Hole. A Florida native, David moved to Jackson over two decades ago with his wife Donna and daughter Devon. Having begun his real estate career in 1982, David dove into the Teton real estate world, and quickly discovered the valley presented a distinct market worthy of analysis. Nineteen years ago, he published the first Jackson Hole Report, a quarterly newsletter tracking sales and listings. Now considered the definitive source on valley real estate trends, the Jackson Hole Report has been cited in national publications including The Robb Report, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and NPR. To this day, David’s singular approach to the local market melds detailed analytics with personal attention. Knowing the valley as well as he does allows him to deftly find and feature properties for his clients, particularly when it comes to the luxury market. As a keen observer of the market, David watched the high-end segment grow in strength and subtly, so much so that he decided to devote an entire report to prime properties. Recognizing that the luxury market warrants special attention and analysis, the Jackson Hole Luxury Report caters to high-end buyers and sellers who seek to gain a clear understanding of this elite segment. The Jackson Hole Luxury Report focuses on properties worth $3 million and above – many of which are sold privately and therefore never appear in public listings. David determined, by combing through his private database, that 1,072 properties were worth $3 million and above in 2013, in Jackson Hole. To further refine the scope of the report, he hones in on the 500 most valuable properties in Jackson Hole, a list referred to as the Luxury 500. Beyond these one-of-a-kind reports, David has worked extensively in resort and residential sales. He has been a leader within the Teton real estate community, serving as chairman of several ethics hearings and as a real estate expert witness in both federal and local courts. Skilled in marketing, he is always looking for new ways to promote his clients’ properties, such as a private website for each of his Luxury listings. Paramount to David’s career is his connection with place. In 2012, he was appointed to the board of directors of the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, which provides private financial support for special projects that enhance and protect Grand Teton National Park. Since 1997, the Foundation has raised more than $32 million for education-based capital projects, youth work-and-learn projects, and wildlife research and protection. David takes great pride in being a part of an organization that helps ensure the future of Grand Teton. As his Foundation involvement suggests, nature looms large in David’s life; whenever he is not showing a house, meeting with a client or researching the Jackson Hole Report, he is outside – fly-fishing, rafting, hiking, camping, alpine skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing. He has also held a private pilot’s license more than 30 years.